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Sparta Runers

(Photo above: Sparta Runners participated in the 39th Annual Woods & Lakes race on Saturday, April 30, 2016 in Mountain Lakes, NJ for men and women over 30)

Welcome to the Sparta Runners Club!

The Sparta Runners Club, Inc. (SRC) is a group of runners and joggers from Sparta and the surrounding areas of New Jersey. Our charter is to provide a way for you to meet with other recreational and competitive runners of all abilities to train, exchange information, provide support and develop friendship, fellowship and camaraderie.

Check out our Runs page for more info on how to join us for a trial run. Traveling to Sussex County and looking for a group to run? Send us a note; we love visitors!

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One Happy SRC Finisher!

Sparta Runers

Joe Farinella finishes the Woods & Lakes run.

Membership Application (PDF)

News & Events:

2016 Outer Banks Fall Destination Club Race & Weekend

Every year the club looks for a destination Marathon and Half-Marathon Weekend to do as a group event. Aside from getting to compete in a road race, its a great social event, and club members have grown strong friendships as a result of the camaraderie and support.

Past destinations have included the NJ Marathon, Marine Corps Marathon, the Cape Cod Marathon and the Philadelphia Marathon.

This year's event is the:

Outer Banks Marathon & Southern Fried Half Marathon

Kill Devil Hills Beach,
Outer Banks, NC

Full Marathon, Half Marathon and 6 mile race on Sunday. 5K, 8K on Saturday. Arrive on Thursday (10th), Pasta Dinner Saturday night at Mary's house in Corola, Race on Sunday (13th), Celebration Sunday night, leave Monday (14th). Do as much of the weekend that you'd like. It's always a fun event to be away for a couple of days as a club. Something for everyone!


Some of us are doing the Half Marathon others the Full Marathon. Those not racing will be cheering their friends on from the side lines.

Wanna join us?

Why Run with SRC?

Weekly group runs

Make new friends 

Get in shape & Lose weight 

Learn more about 
running and training

For the Love of Running 

Build up endurance

Get stronger in mind and body 

Realize you are a runner,
no matter your speed or distance

Achieve a personal goal 

The T-Shirt, of course! 

Enjoy the beautiful trails 
and parks of New Jersey

More Reasons ...

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